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With our software applications Retail Shelf Planner and Retail Floor Planner we have brought the capability to use advanced and professional tools within reach for non-specialists and people whose jobs are not dedicated to Category Management and Trade Marketing activities like creating and maintaining planograms and floorplans.

However, there could still be situations where using these tools yourself is not the optimal solution. In those cases we’re available to assist you!

Retail Space Consulting
Our global team includes a number of industry veterans with experience in a wide range of categories and trade channels. We work and have worked with large multinationals, but also with small local companies and even individual stores to help them to convert opportunities into sound business results.

We are practical, pragmatic and results-oriented. Obviously backed up with a thorough knowledge of business practices and the various skills that are required to deliver high quality analyses, reporting and sound business advice. But we are not academics and/or purists who insist on following complex and time-consuming processes or theories, if a simple, pragmatic approach suffices.

All sorts of activities
We can help you with ad-hoc projects, or on a scheduled ongoing basis. With planogramming projects, developing store layouts, analyzing sales and/or market research data, or more operational tasks such as building or maintaining a product database and Live Images (product images).

More information
Check out our dedicated website for all the details, or contact us to discuss what Retail Space Consulting can do for you and your business.