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Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the points below:
  • Always wanted to create professional planograms to support your commercial strategy, but never had the budget and/or full- time experts available?
  • Maybe you simply couldn’t justify the expense, and accepted to spend countless hours for a less professional result with Excel, PowerPoint, or even Paint?
  • Or you never thought about using planogramming software, and simply created a sample section, and took photos, having to manually redo the whole thing when changes had to be applied?
That’s no longer needed!

Retail Shelf Planner
Retail Shelf Planner is a professional planogramming tool, designed, developed and supported by industry veterans who felt it was time that a professional approach to planograms should no longer be the exclusive domain of the large and wealthy companies.

Its ease-of-use and budget-friendly pricing convinced many professionals in retail and wholesale, as well as within suppliers and manufacturers to add it to their commercial toolkit.

Professional Communications
Visualize shelf- and hangingpresenations schematically or using product images for a realistic representation of the section. Take into consideration differences in shelf-depth, distance between shelves, length of hooks/peg, etc. to know exactly how much stock can be merchandised.

When applicable, add information about sales and/or margins to further optimize the layout with the help of powerful, yet easy to use analytical features. Communicate the end-result on paper, as a PDF, or in PowerPoint and Excel.

More information
Check out our dedicated website for all the details, or contact us to discuss what Retail Shelf Planner can do for you and your business.