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An image says more than a 1000 words!

Call them packshots, Live Images or product photo’s , digital images of products are used in many places in for many occasions. Professional planograms, brochures, catalogues, e-commerce websites, PowerPoint presentations, you name it. If you’re a manufacturer, many times having images of your own products is sufficient, but sometimes images of competitive products are required. If you’re a retailer or wholesaler, images for all products in a category are required.

Retail Product Images
Creating the different types of images required for the various applications, small size and flat front for planograms, or high-resolution 3D with a little shadow for a brochure, is often a time-consuming and costly process. Every department handles their own requirements, resulting in multiplication of costs. We offer you a single point of contact taking care of everything at once, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Product Database
And while we’re at it, we can also capture all sorts of product information that you may require. From physical dimensions of consumer units or trays needed for planogramming, to detailed info about brand, size, weight, and ingredients to support high-end e-commerce applications.

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Check out our dedicated website for all the details, or contact us to discuss what Retail Product Images can do for you and your business.