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Traditionally floorplans, or store-layouts, are the domain of technical and operational departments, leaving commercial objectives and the consumer almost as an afterthought.

Retail Floor Planner provides the missing link between the architects, formula managers and category managers.

It brings technical constraints, operational objectives, chain image, overall commercial strategy and category-level strategies together in a single place. Allowing you to proactively manage all of these in the ultimate come-together of Category Management and operations.

Retail Floor Planner
Used for commercial planning Retail Floor Planner can help you to make sure that each category gets the correct location and amount of linear space allocated.

But Retail Floor Planner also allows you to optimize operational activities by getting a handle on the required fixturing elements such as shelves, pegboard, hooks, etc. No delays due to missing materials, or unnecessary costs by having ordered too many fixturing elements. Resulting ultimately in a more efficient implementation, allowing the store to (re)open faster.

Analyses & Reporting
And last, but not least, by running regular analyses based on the latest sales data, floorplans can provide powerful insights in the performance of stores, by visualizing which areas perform better than plan / last year / comparable stores / …

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